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Golf Terminology: A Glossary Of Golf Terms From A To Z

If you find that the golf terms which make up the everyday language of the game are something of a foreign language then don't worry because we will walk you through today's golf terminology.

In this section of Tips For Beginner Golfers you'll find a glossary of golf terms laid out from A to Z.

Abnormal Ground Conditions: An abnormal ground condition refers to any casual water, ground under repair or hole, cast or runway on the golf course which has been made by a burrowing animal, reptile or bird.

Ace: You are said to make an 'ace' when you sink your ball in one shot on a par 3 hole.

Address: The way that a golfer positions his or her body immediately before hitting the ball. Every golfer has his or her own unique address.

Alignment: The way that you position the clubface and line up your body at the address.

Amateur: Golf players who play competitive golf but who do not play for prize money. In order to earn prize money from golf tournaments, a player has to compete as a professional.

Approach Shot: A shot which aims to place your ball on the green area.

Away: You are said to be 'away' when you are the farthest distance from the hole.

Baby Shot: A shot which is much shorter and softer than would normally be expected from a club which is ordinarily used for that shot.

Back Nine: The second half, or last 9 nines holes, of an 18-hole course.

Backspin: A reverse spin on a golf ball which has been hit towards a target.

Backswing: The initial part of the golf swing which finishes as the club stops moving above your head in preparation for the downswing.

Balata: A type of tree sap which was formerly used the manufacture of golf ball covers.

Ball In Play: A ball is in play as soon as a player makes a stroke on the teeing ground and remains in play until it is holed, except when it is lost, out of bounds or lifted, or another ball has been substituted, whether or not the substitution is permissible. A ball which is substituted becomes the ball in play.

Ball Marker: Any small flat object which is used to mark the position of your ball when it is on the green.

Ball Mark Repair Tool: A fork-shaped tool which is used to fix marks made when your ball lands on the green.

Baseball Grip: A specific grip used to hold the club in which all 10 of your fingers remain in contact with the club grip.

Best Ball: A golf game in which the better score from a 2-person team is counted.

Birdie: You are said to make a 'birdie' when you sink your ball in one less shot than the par for a specific hole. For instance, if the hole is a par 4 and you sink your ball in only 3 shots then you have made a birdie.

Blade: A term which can be used as both a noun and a verb. As a noun it is used to describe the club head of an iron. As a verb it refers to hitting the ball on its equator with the bottom of the blade.

Blocked Shot: A blocked shot occurs when a ball is hit straight ahead by a right handed golfer but then sweeps to the right of the intended target.

Bogey: You are said to make a 'bogey' when you sink your ball in one more shot than the par for a specific hole. For instance, if the hole is a par 4 and you sink your ball in 5 shots then you have made a bogey.

Break: When you are putting on the green and your ball begins to turn, the term break is used to refer to the amount of turn which occurs.

Breaking Down: The term breaking down refers to the movement of your wrists as you bend them while putting.

Bump & Run: As the name suggests a bump and run describes a ball which is hit into the air flies towards the target and then 'bumps' into the ground and 'rolls' the rest of the way towards its target.

Bunker: A bunker is a hazard area which is filled with sand in his usually sited near the green or on the fairway.

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