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Golf equipment is big business these days and the array of everything from clubs, balls, trolleys and carts to gloves, shoes and clothing to mention just a few items is truly daunting. For this reason it is important to try to find good discount golf equipment and also a reliable source of golf equipment reviews.

For many beginner golfers the problem is often deciding just what you really must have and what you can leave until a later date. This is not simply because of the often high cost involved in buying much equipment too quickly, but also because you may not be entirely sure that golf is going to be for you and don't want to invest too much money until you are confident that you are going to stick with the sport.

Another very important consideration is selecting equipment which suits you and your playing style.

This is perhaps best demonstrated when it comes to golf clubs which vary widely in their design and construction and which can be extremely expensive. The last thing you want to do is to purchase a very expensive set of clubs only to find that they are too short or too long or too heavy or…

Our aim here is to look at the various different items of golf equipment available today and guide you through the minefield of buying golf equipment. We will try to ensure that you start out with just what you need and no more and will provide you with golf equipment reviews and help you to source good discount golf equipment.

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